Mango Icecream (3 ingredient homemade)

Mango Icecream          (3 ingredient homemade)

This is homemade 3 ingredient mango ice cream without icecream machine that melts in mouth and is perfect for summer.. And when served with chocolate syrup kids will love it..I have already posted a mango chocolate smoothie before. STEP BY STEP PICTORIAL

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Alleppey chicken curry

Alleppey chicken curry

Alleppey chicken curry is heavenly mouth watering chicken curry which is cooked purely in coconut milk. The main spice ingredient that add taste to this recipe is crushed cinamon and pepper and also the thick coconut milk which enhance its taste.I have tried this recipe first in calicut tasted ...

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Kesar mawa pudding

Kesar mawa pudding

Kesar mawa pudding is quick to make dessert which has mawa cake at bottom with creamy milk layer and soft gulab jamun..It can be eaten hot or cold .

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Noormahal chicken Biriyani

Noormahal chicken Biriyani

A salute to royal cuisine. Chicken pieces cooked in yoghurt and a special blend of spices , layered with parboiled rice and cooked on low heat is what makes this biriyani an outstanding.Each rice grain shouldne seperate, yet bound to its kin by flavour.overall this is a pot full of ...

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  • Mango lassi

    Mango lassi

    mango lassi is basically a yogurt based mango milkshake or smoothie.Its basically cooling in narure and is best summer drink.. Here i have used fresh can use either mango ...

  • Sweet Coconut Quinoa with sticky Mango

    Sweet Coconut Quinoa with sticky Mango

    This is a quick and absolute healthy breakfast with quinoa , coconut milk and Mangoes. perfect kick for a day .This would be a alternative breakfast from your normal breakfast...combination ...

  • Crispy Fried Prawns

    Crispy Fried Prawns

    crispy fried prawns marinated in buttermilk and spices and then dusted in spiced flour mix and fried to crispier..Its perfect starter and kids will love it.

  • Karahi chicken

    Karahi chicken

    karahi chicken are very popular Pakistani dish noted for its spicy taste. The Pakistani version does not have capsicum or onions whereas its also made in indianized way but that ...

  • Pepper Chicken  (kozhi milagu varuval)

    Pepper Chicken (kozhi milagu varuval)

    Pepper chicken is simple ,spicy , easy to make chicken made with ground spices. Its been long time i have posted a chicken recipes in my blog so thaught will ...

  • Chicken Biriyani

    Chicken Biriyani

    Flavourful chicken biriyani in which rice is cooked in chicken masala and put in dum.