Cheesy Egg Dosa Roll

Cheesy Egg Dosa Roll

Dosa layered with egg and cream cheese then rolled and cut to bite size.A healthy quick to make breakfast.. This roll can be given to the kids as a who dont like to have egg can be given as kids love this they are ready to have 3 ...

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Peshawari Mutton Kadai

Peshawari Mutton Kadai

This peshwari mutton kadai is a Pakistani dish where the mutton is cooked as one pot dish with the aromatic and spicy masala and the combination of aroma coming from kasuri meethi coriander leaves and sauf is so tempting. Its been long time i have posted recipes in mutton..I have ...

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Coconut Bun (dilkush)

Coconut Bun (dilkush)

Coconut Bun is a sweet pastry in which a sweet coconut filling is stuffed in a bread dough which is baked to its perfection. In India its one of the popular snack in most of the bakery...There are also variety of filling is used but i prefer the classic coconut ...

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie  Brownie(BROOKIE)

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie(BROOKIE)

    This cookie-brownie combo is the best --The moist, chocolaty brownies are layered with chewy chocolate chip cookie dough to make a bar that satisfies every craving!" These bar can also ...

  • Thattukada  Chicken Fry

    Thattukada Chicken Fry

    This Thattukada Chicken fry is a one of the street food recipe.This is spicy chicken fry marinated with roasted spices then cooked and deep fried that add flavor to it. ...

  • Chocolate poke  Cheesecake

    Chocolate poke Cheesecake

    This chocolate poke cheesecake is a combination of chocolate cake at the bottom topped with chocolate fudge sauce layered with creamy cheesecake . The chocolate cake is gooey moist cake ...

  • Kentucky  Butter Cake

    Kentucky Butter Cake

    This Kentucky Butter Cake is CRAZY moist, buttery and coated with a sweet buttery sauce that crusts the outside and soaks into the cake making it amazing . What you ...

  • cauliflower popcorn

    cauliflower popcorn

    crispy fried cauliflower that makes the perfect snack time..Easy quick to make and kids love it for sure.

  • Tri  colour  pinwheel  Sandwich

    Tri colour pinwheel Sandwich

    A quick to make sandwich for kids..Pinwheel sandwiches are small sandwiches that are curled up into a roll. Depending on the topping used, pinwheel sandwiches are very versatile; they're great ...